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Wednesday links: Jordan Staal at Olympic camp, Sidney Crosby for Team Canada captain? Wild's third jersey

  • Jordan Staal showed up to Olympic camp in Calgary Monday evening. If all three Staals make the team (is Marc even invited??) we may very well be witnessing the media apocalypse come February.  Three brothers, one team, one dream - and they  [Pittsburgh Penguins]
  • I thought we'd at least hit September before this debate began.  Should Sidney Crosby be named captain of the Canadian Olympic team?  [Trib-Review]
  • Broad Street Hockey asks Flyers fans to vote for the player they feel is most valuable to the team. For Pens fans, just pretend the poll is for most "Most hated Flyer." Results are oddly similar.  [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Speaking of Flyers, Simon Gagne has already sustained an injury during Olympic camp.  It's believed to be a groin injury.  This is every fan's nightmare personified.  [CBC]
  • A bit of a comeback story for a member of the Vancouver Canucks. Dave Scatchard looks to return to the NHL after suffering a severe concussion two - yes, TWO - seasons ago.  [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Cam Ward is a top consideration for Team Canada's goaltender slot (so is Marc-Andre Fleury for that matter). Ward remained off the ice Monday due to a sore back but started working his way back yesterday. As Bubba from Canes Country notes, preseason injuries are not that rare for the Canes.  [Canes Country]
  • The Minnesota Wild have a third jersey this season which is, for lack of better terms, bland. Looking more like a baseball jersey than anything else, the one reprieve comes in knowing it looks nothing like the disgusting third jersey for the Atlanta Thrasers. (vomit)  [Icethetics]  S/T [On the Forecheck]

    And on a football note...
  • If Michael Vick had poodles instead of pit bulls and dyed their hair according to Steelers team colors, would it still be considered animal abuse?  [Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies]