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Friday links: No fishing for Sid, Mats Sundin = Brett Favre, Patrick Kane apologizes

  • Ya know, we're all worried about seeing our guys get hurt in Olympic camp or preseason play, but maybe Sidney Crosby needs to wear a helmet when he goes fishing.  Apparently he has an issue with hooking himself in the head.  [Post-Gazette]

    Mats Sundin is quickly posing as the Brett Favre of the NHL.  While I'm sure he won't sign with Minnesota, there is some talk of him considering the Rangers - or is it the Rangers considering him?  Either way, we'll know after he gets hitched.  [THN]
  • The Patrick Kane ordeal is through.  All he has to do is apologize.  And pay over $125 in court fees.  [From the Rink]
  • Did ya miss Team Canada's Red and White scrimmage?  I know I did.  According to the final assessment, Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo are still top contenders for the starting role, but Marc-Andre Fleury is getting a lot of respect from Brodeur.  If you saw the game speak up.  I'm really interested to hear how it went down.  []