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Your best hockey moment in person

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NHL players can do some amazing things.  Even if it's in practice guys pull off unbelievable stuff.

So what's your favorite moment you witnessed live and in person?  The presentation of a Stanley Cup?  A hat-trick moment?  A highlight reel goal for the ages?  A sick save?  Doesn't matter what level of play, though I certainly think an NHL level moment would rank higher

For me, like I said on an earlier fanpost from Pensburgh member forever: I was at the game in the Igloo December 23, 2002; Penguins against the Buffalo Sabres.

The score was tied 2-2 in the 3rd period....I had to look that up in the box score.  But what I saw next I'll remember forever: Mario Lemieux lined up for a faceoff in the offensive zone.  I was sitting in the lower level, the draw was across the rink from me and Mario instantly drilled the puck into the net right off the official's drop.  Lemieux stayed stationary, raising his arms to the air and looked right to the press box where Mark Madden was.  Madden publicly said Mario couldn't score like this and vowed to donate money to the Mario Lemieux Foundation if he could pull such as goal off.  Madden would pay up.

In the next couple of minutes Alexei Kovalev would score a power-play goal and then Martin Straka would a tap-in a goal off of a sublime pass from Lemieux, sending the Pens to a 5-2 victory that night in an otherwise lackluster season.

It was the singular most amazing moment I've been privileged enough to see in person.  How about yours in the comments?