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Lazy Sunday - 1987 Canada Cup, Gretzky to Lemieux for game winner

Today I'm just going to post a video because, outside of the occasional story focused around Tampa Bay allegedly signing Alex Tanguay, there really isn't much going down.

Call me a nerd, bookworm or what have ya, but ever since I was a kid I'd spend my summers with a decent reading list.  This summer is no exception.  Although the list isn't all hockey-centric, my current pick is.  Go to the Net by Al Strachan is a book that focuses on eight goals that changed the game.  Although I'm only three chapters in, I had to share this one with the class.

1987 Canada Cup. 

USSR vs. Canada. 

Wayne Gretzky connects with Mario Lemieux in what turns out to be the game winner.  (right around 2:30ish)  But I'd also suggest you give the whole video clip a look.  I was too young at the time to remember it and TV broadcasts weren't what they are today, but this is definitely old school hockey at its best.