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Senators, Wild, Flyers may be interested in Petr Sykora

Rumors out of Ottawa suggest the Senators may be interested in Petr Sykora - if they can unload Dany Heatley.  That's a big if but not entirely impossible.  Will a team with some cap space swoop in and pick up Heatley?  Or will this saga carry us straight through the preseason and into the first week of regular season play?

Chuck Fletcher, GM of the Wild and former AGM with the Penguins, may also be interested in picking up Petr Gunn.  Many people expect the Wild to display a different style of hockey this season, one that is less defense-centric and more upbeat.  Perhaps this comes with the territory when you sign a former front office guy from Pittsburgh, or maybe it's just a necessary move for fans who paid to watch paint dry last season.

Oh right - the Flyers.  According to that same rumor, Philly may be interested in bringing Sykora on board for the 09/10 season.  Can't say any fan of the Pens would be happy to see him go to a rival team, but this is where we all have to realize it's as much a business as it is entertainment.  If Sykie needs a team to play on and Philly makes him an offer, it'll be hard to hold it against him for taking a leap across the state.  There's always the consideration that Sykora didn't exactly fit the new style of play under Dan Bylsma, so fitting in with that of the Flyers may be even more of a stretch.

Special thanks to Becky for passing along the info.

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