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Janne Pesonen ships off to KHL

Janne_pesonen_mediumProps to Empty Netters for the heads up.

So much for the Janne Pesonen experiment.  Thus ends all that hype, talk and speculation of how well he could've played with Sid and Geno.  Instead of a definitive answer Pens fans are still left wondering.

In my opinion, Seth from EN hits the assessment right on the head:

Either way, Pesonen was a low-risk high-reward prospect the Penguins took a shot at. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

That's exactly it.  When the Pens signed Pesonen last season we all knew that no risk was involved in doing so and the opportunity for Sid to land a high-scoring, speedy winger was there.  So it didn't pan out.  Not the end of the world, especially given the evidence of success with the Guerin/Crosby/Kunitz combo.

Good luck Janne.