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Saturday linkage: Sid's day with the Cup, Malkin/Gonchar invited to Russian Olympic camp

  • Seth from Empty Netters scoped out a video up on that shows Sid's day with the Cup.  Gotta agree with Seth's assessment - Max Talbot wearing a helicopter helmet is hilarious. [Empty Netters]
  • The Post-Gazette has a shot of Sid as he unveils the Cup to the throngs of fans waiting for him back home in Nova Scotia.  [Post-Gaz]
  • The cake celebration wasn't any less grand than his entrance.  Sid slices the cake with a sword.  You and I would get a dull knife and Sid gets a sword.  (Pic left)  [National Post] (thanks again EN)
  • Evgeni Malkin and Sergei Gonchar will make an appearance at the Russian Olympic camp.  No surprise there.  []
  • GhostWalker40 posted up a video of Sid playing goalie in a street hockey game.  Check it out.
  • For all he ever said about Crosby being a boring interviewee (who are we to argue.  We see it more than him), it's only right to give props to Jeremy Roenick's career.  Puck Daddy did just that, breaking down his 20 years in the league.  [Puck Daddy]