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Sunday linkage - Theo Fleury wants back in, Marian Hossa meets Stanley

Here's yet another installment of some Sunday linkage.  Rest assured the season is rapidly approaching.   It won't be long before we're praying for an injury-free preseason and a repeat regular one.

  • Jesse over at Faceoff Factor is posting up a great series known as the 30 days of Mario.  He's only up on Day 4, so I highly suggest you catch up on the last three and keep an eye out for the next 26.  In this installment, Mario scores a shorty with the Pens down not one but two guys. [Faceoff Factor]
  • Ed Belfour's back in the NHL.  Kinda.  His playing days are behind him at least, as he officially signed on as a goaltending consultant for the St. Louis Blues.  [THN]
  • Speaking of wanting back in the NHL - Theo Fleury is looking to mount a Claude Lemieux-like comeback.   James Mirtle touches up on some of the unfortunate reasons for his return.  [From the Rink]
  • This should get a laugh.  Marian Hossa met a goat named Stanley.  According to Sean Leahy, "Cap" is the Slovak word for goat.  So really, he had a dance with Stanley Cap.  Get it?  Direct all rotten tomato tosses this way  --->  [Puck Daddy]
  • For the stat lovers out there - How important are defensive zone faceoffs?  [Puck Prospectus]