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Tuesday links: Prospect camp opens Saturday, Jersey fouls breakdown, Ovechkin has a tattoo

In case ya missed it, a few teams may be interested in one Petr Sykora.  [Two stories down]

You know the season is getting closer when teams open up prospect camp.  The Pens will do just that on Saturday.  [Penguins]

If prospect camp wasn't good enough, we may actually have some real hockey stuff to cover next week.  Ya know, like the prospect tourney up in Kitchener.  JB from Citizens Voice gives us a roster breakdown.  [Citizens Voice]

Ever wonder about the dos and dont's regarding jersey fouls?  Look no further.  Empty Netters offers up the Jersey Foul Bill of Rights Amendments.  Give it a read and learn how to treat your fellow Pens fan who wears a Luc Robitaille jersey to the game.  [Empty Netters]

Uh, Alex Ovechkin has a new tattoo.  Maybe.  He's very discrete about it.  No one knows what it means.  See for yourself.  [Puck Daddy]

Imagine standing in a hallway outside a board room filled with people voting on whether or not you'll still have a job tomorrow.  That's what happened to Paul Kelly, now the former executive director of the NHLPA.  Not only was he voted out, but it was announced that those who agreed on his removal were "overwhelming" compared to those who didn't.  Eesh.   [From the Rink]