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Thursday links: Prospects beat Toronto 4-1, introducing the new, Ovechkin rides zamboni

  • The Penguins prospects turned things around last night against the Maple Leafs prospects, beating Toronto 4-1 for their first win of the tourney.  Four different guys - Justin Dowling, Nathan Moon, Robert Bortuzzo and Dustin Jeffrey - popped goals each, putting the team at a 1-2 record at the tourney up in Kitchener.  Bortuzzo's name is really getting tossed around a lot in this tournament.  Keep eyes and ears open.  Last game of the tourney is tonight against the Bruins.  [Post-Gaz]
  • Thanks to Pensburgh reader Becky who passed along a link from the Maple Leafs' site with some decent highlights from Game One and Three between the rookies.  [Maple Leafs]
  • Behold - the new  It's just better.  Click around, get familiar.  Definitely check out the NHL section   You have to join with the check mark thingy (just like any blog on the network) but you can do so by logging in with your Pensburgh username and just clicking "join."  Easy.  []
  • Theo Fleury is waiting patiently to see if the NHL will reinstate him.  After bouts with substance abuse in the past, it may not be as simple a decision as, say, Claude Lemieux in 08/09.  But I don't care.  Let the dude play.  [TSN]
  • In case you haven't heard from at least one, if not every hockey site in existence, Alex Ovechkin drove a zamboni through the streets of NYC yesterday.  Maybe now Caps fans will stop whining about Sid being the face of the league over Ovie all the time. Maybe.  Doubtful.  Probably not.  [Yahoo