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Friday links: Pens visit Obama, prospects beat Boston 3-2, Dany Heatley drama...done?

(thanks for the heads up adrian-pie)


  • The Penguins finally hit up the White House last night, making them the first team under Obama's presidency to win the Cup.  They also gave the Prez a #44 Penguins jersey before posing for pics with the Cup.  [Post-Gazette]
  • Pittsburgh prospects beat Boston's kids 3-2 in last night's game.  Thus concludes the Kitchener tourney, where the prospects finished with a 2-2 record.  [Empty Netters]
  • Hurray!  The Dany Heatley drama is D-O-N-E.  No more.  Wait...wait, I lied.  No one knows what's going on anymore.  Reports were flying last night that Heatley found a home with San Jose in exchange for Patrick Marleau.  Then everyone in the world denied it.  Then ESPN announced it.  Then they announced that everyone denied it.  Then it all went to hell.  Maybe these guys can help clear it up for you.  [Fear the Fin]  [Silver Seven Sens]
  • To follow up on yesterday's links, the NHL has decided to reinstate Theoren Fleury.  [TSN]
  • The Stars have developed an interesting way of pricing tickets.  Basically it goes along the lines of, "How good is the team we're playing against?  Good?  OK, crank the price."  Expect Pens/Stars tickets to be expensive.  Pens/Coyotes?  Not so much.  [Defending Big D]
  • And in non-hockey news, the Steelers pulled off a big 13-10 overtime win over the Titans last night.  Nice way to follow up a championship (let's see the Pens do the same).  [Behind the Steel Curtain]
  • Fantasy hockey invites were sent out last night.  Check whatever e-mail address you registered your SBN account under and sign up.  If you didn't sign up in the Fantasy Hockey Thread I can't promise you a spot.  But if one opens up or someone doesn't show, there may be another mini-announcement based on first come, first serve.