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Monday links: Penguins preseason TV schedule, Wayne Gretzky's turn to sit out

Penguins preseason kicks off tomorrow.  How bout that?  You just went through your last weekend without hockey until June 2010 rolls around.

  • The Penguins kick things off tomorrow night against the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Of course, preseason TV scheduling is kinda hit or miss, so thankfully released a little something for us to live by for the next few weeks.  Those with the NHL Network might be happy.  []
  • Want an idea of what's going down in camp?  WB/S Penguins beat writer Jonathan Bombulie is tweeting live from camp and giving little updates on players and line combos.  Definitely worth the add for your Twitter users out there.  For those of you who have not conformed to the craze, I'd still consider checking it out.  [Twitter]
  • Speaking of, did you know Pensburgh is on twitter?  Yeah, it's true.  We're cool like that.  Add the general Pensburgh one and/or Hooks Orpik.
  • The Nashville Predators unveiled their third jersey this weekend.  Not bad, as far as third jerseys go.  [On the Forecheck]
  • It's Wayne Gretzky's turn to pull the no-show game at camp.  Apparently he isn't happy with the workings of his contract.  Way to stand in as a leader during your team's financial troubles Wayne.  Of course, it's a little deeper than that, given the fact that 1) He makes $8 friggin million to coach the team 2) He may have a new boss if/when the team sells.  Kinda makes working difficult, even if he has an insanely inflated contract to coach a team that has yet to escape the basement since it's 05/06 inception.  Rest assured, former Pen Ulf Samuelson will take the reigns.  [Five for Howling]& [THN]
  • When Pens fans aren't yelling at Marc-Andre "Tweak" Fleury to stay in the net (a re-occuring theme) they just might be yelling for the Pens to "shoot the puck."  It's not like they don't shoot, per se, but according to a recent article on Puck Prospectus, teams that have the lead - as the Penguins had on many occasions last season - tend to shoot way less than the teams trailing.  So why does it always feel like the Pens never shoot when they're trailing in a game?  [Puck Prospectus]