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Tuesday links: New faces in camp, Petr Sykora to tryout for Wild, Tyler Kennedy looking for promotion

First preseason game of the 2009 season tonight.  Before we get ahead of ourselves with anticipation and such, just keep in mind that we likely won't have any way of seeing this.  WXDX will likely have a feed available for fans to listen online, but we'll get you that info as we get closer to game time.  Either way, we'll toss up an open thread tonight.  Feel free to hook up with any radio/video feeds you may find, if any exist.

  • In light of not seeing the game, we all can at least check out the score sheet afterward.  Now there will be a few new names on the lineup card, so don't be surprised if you don't see Crosby/Malkin/Staal scoring.  Frankly I'd be fine with all three of them sitting out, but that's just me.  Faceoff Factor breaks down the list of camp prospects, some of whom may make a start in tonight's preseason game.  [Faceoff Factor]
  • Remembers those rumors that teams were eyeing up Petr Sykora?  Turns out they were true.  Petr Gunn has a tryout with the Wild.  If I could make a daring guess, I'd say an offer from former Penguins AGM Chuck Fletcher will soon follow.  [TSN]
  • There may be a promotion in the works for Tyler Kennedy.  Given the fact that Max Talbot will remain out of the lineup until Novemberish, Kennedy may have a shot at a line promotion.  Just yesterday the Pens were working with a Fedotenko - Malkin - Kennedy line.  [Trib-Review]
  • If you haven't seen the Penguins fantasy hockey preview yet I suggest you scroll down.  Wamsley really went all out with his team preview.  [One post down]
  • Jared Staal is hoping to get in on the whole Staal brothers competition thing this season.  Thankfully it's in Phoenix, so we don't have to see him more than once, should he make the team.  But I'm sure the FSN-Pittsburgh, Versus and NBC guys already have Jared's favorite food and drink lined up and ready to go.  [THN]
  • This one's funny in that "I told you so" way.  Apparantly the Rangers are treating Marian Gaborik like the fragile piece of glass that he is.  Even coach John Tortorella said Gaborik is "tender."  Puck hasn't even dropped on the preseason and already Gabby is skipping out on team drills and getting looked over by doctors.  Oh New York, New York.  [Rangers Rants]