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Petr Sykora signs one-year deal with Minnesota Wild

For ten straight seasons Petr Sykora has popped at least 20 goals a year.  For a team like the Minnesota Wild, this is exactly the kind of guy they need.  It also doesn't hurt that, as mentioned numerous times on this site, former Penguins AGM Chuck Fletcher is running the show in Minnesota and likely had a big part in bringing Petr Gunn on board. 

According to The Star Tribune, a paper out of Minnesota, Sykora is fired up and ready to take a role with the team:

Yes, there were signs of jet lag, but Sykora, one of the NHL's most consistent goal scorers for a decade, filled the back of the net and was so vocal you would have sworn he'd been hanging with his new teammates for years.

Star Tribune

The terms of the contract are set on a one-year deal, although the actual dollar amount isn't known as of right now.  [Edit: deal worth $1.6 mill]  Either way, Sykora will wear #17 next season with the Wild.  Strong pick  up for the team and from the sound of things it's likely a position that could warrant an 'A' on his jersey right off the bat.

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