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Saturday links: Pens lose to Leafs, Phil Kessel traded to Toronto, Bruins unveil Winter Classic jersey

  • If you haven't caught word of it by now, the Pens didn't fair all too well against the Toronto Maple Leafs last night.  On paper a 4-3 loss doesn't necessarily look like they were destroyed, but a 5-minute elbowing call on Craig Adams resulted in three-straight PP goals for the Leafs that ultimately posed as the momentum shift.  [One post down]
  • Yet while all that was going down on the ice in Pittsburgh, papers were being signed and handshakes exchanged as Phil Kessel joined the Maple Leafs for 5-years, $27 mill in exchange for two first round picks and a second rounder.  Worth it?  [PPP]
  • I agree with THN's Ken Campbell - Phaneuf needs to be penalized for his headshot on the Islanders' Kyle Okposo.  I've said it before and I'll say it again; it's preseason play.  While hockey may have no place for decapitation attempts, pre-season hockey definitely doesn't.  [THN]
  • The Boston Bruins unveiled their Winter Classic jersey yesterday.  I like it, personally, and don't think the cameras will have any trouble finding a Bruins player on the ice regardless of rain, sleet or snow.  [Icethetics]
  • Remember all that nonsense about a month ago regarding charter flights to and from Canada?  Looks like the league, Canada and the US reached a deal that will allow for Canadian charters to operate without restriction.  Initially the US stated no Canadian charter could land in a US city and take off to land in another US city without a return to Canada first.  [TSN]
  • And finally, for a hilarious review of NHL 10, I highly recommend the following.  [Down Goes Brown]