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Wednesday links: Evgeni Malkin's day with the Cup, Luca Caputi profile and Leafs go dancin

  • Mr. Evgeni Malkin brought the Stanley Cup back home to Magnitogorsk, Russia.  For those who don't know the irony behind Magnitogorsk and Pittsburgh, Magnitogorsk literally means Steel City in Russian.  The Russian team Metallurg Magnitogorsk translates to Steel City Steelers.  Check out Geno in a hard hat (spare the Village People jokes, he's in a factory) and a quick interview from our good friends over at Puck Daddy.  [Puck Daddy]
  • With the prospect tourney in Kitchener coming up next week, we could all use a little more info on some of the guys.  Rest assured the staff over at Faceoff Factor has us covered with yet another helpful prospect profile.  If you don't already know about him, you want to get familiar with Luca Caputi.  He could very well be a big name on the team in the future.  That is, if he can stay out of trouble.  [Faceoff Factor]
  • Canada is starting up its own version of Dancing With the Stars.  If the US version wasn't bad enough, the Canadian version will be focused on figure skating.  While I do admire any kind of charity work, I find it laughable that former Maple Leafs Lanny McDonald, Glenn Anderson and Tie Domi will participate.  Not to mention, Don Cherry sidekick Ron MacLean is slated to host.  I guess when you haven't danced with the Cup in 42 years you take what you can get.  [Toronto Sun]  (Thanks Zaheed)
  • And finally, remember yesterday how we all kinda, sorta, maybe felt bad for former NHLPA exec Paul Kelly's firing?  Rest assured he's still making bank on the deal.  Like, $1.75 million each year for three years sorta bank.  That's enough money to dry any amount of tears.  [From the Rink]