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Monday links: Roster spots limited, top rookies of 09/10, Brandon Dubinsky re-signs with Rangers

  • Award-winning journalist Dave Molinari analyzes the Penguins roster and breaks down any areas of concern as Pittsburgh looks to finalize things soon.  [Post-Gazette]
  • For those of you worried about Chris Kunitz "fizzing out" during the playoffs (I still don't buy it), read this feature by Rob Rossi.  He can pop a few goals here and there, but just remember he's an energy guy who can really lead with his physical game.  [Trib-Review]
  • Take a gander at this list of top rookies in 09/10 as considered by The Red Light District.  Note: No Pens make an appearance, but I'm still interested in hearing your take on the list.  [RLD]
  • For all the crap I gave the Rangers last week for their handling of Brandon Dubinsky, I must now credit them for inking a two-year deal with the kid.  However I will admit that had I known Dubinsky was looking for $16 million over four years, I would've probably laughed in his face.  He "setlled" for $3.7 mill over two seasons.  [Blueshirt Banter]
  • I watched this really crappy horror movie one time about a guy who went around ripping peoples' faces off with his bare hands.  Wish I could remember the name of the flick, but I think it starred Toronto's veteran tryout Jason Allison.  [Puck Daddy]