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Lunch links: Video clips from Montreal, lineup on tap for tonight, getting to know Brent Johnson

First things first - Pensburgh Fantasy Hockey League B drafts tonight at 9pm.  Yes, I know, I'm an idiot for planning this during a preseason game, but it's the best night I could work it out for this week.  League A drafts tomorrow night at 9pm.

Take the jump for your lunch links, and don't forget to join us tonight for our preseason open thread (if ya get the game that is).

  • If you missed the preseason game against the Canadiens last night, Pensburgh's own Ghostwalker40 has some video clips for you to check out.  [Fanposts]
  • Hey, we forgive you.  Not everyone has the NHL Network yet, but if you do Hooks may have reason enough for you to not miss tonight's game.  Enforcers galore may lead to fight night against the Maple Leafs.  [One post down]
  • Brent Johnson gets the start between the pipes tonight.  His first outing against the Leafs was a bit shaky and he'll look to redeem himself tonight.  Shelly Anderson at the PG put together a nice piece on Johnson and his ties to hockey.  [Post-Gaz]
  • Scott Burnside and Pierre LaBrun from ESPN recently sat down with Sid to talk about a few hot topics leading into the season.  Worth the gander if only for a few more "how does it feel to win the Cup?" questions.  [ESPN]
  • Time Warner and Center Ice are still trying to iron out some kinks in programming this season.  If you happen to have TW as a provider then chances are you're going to miss the Pens banner raising.  [Puck Daddy]