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Late-day links: Wayne Gretzky steps down as coach of Coyotes, Olympic talk

Wayne Gretzky announced earlier today that he will be stepping down as Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations for the Phoenix Coyotes.  Former Penguin Ulf Samuellson was standing in as head coach during training camp and the preseason, but it would seem Phoenix is interested in bringing former Dallas Stars coach Dave Tippett on board.  Whoever they choose, I doubt they'll demand a $9-million annual salary.  [SBNation]

Let me first say that I don't understand why - scratch that, I understand why - how the 2014 Olympics are taking a mild precedence over, ya know, this year's.  Players speaking out saying they'll play, the league saying they don't want them to.  It's amusing offseason banter, no doubt.  Prometheus74 has an interesting take on the Olympic 2014.  [Fanposts]

If his hat trick in the Black and Gold game wasn't enough to convince you that Alex Goligoski is coming along just fine for the Pens, then let this article in the Post-Gazette clear up any doubts you might still have.  [Post-Gaz]

What's it going to take for Pittsburgh to defend the Cup?  Our boy Tony fills you in.  [The Confluence]

Former Penguins product and current Boston Bruin Andrew Ference was caught running his mouth during some NHLPA banter.  Hall of Famer Brad Park put him back in his place in a not-so-gentle kinda way.  [TSN]