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Sidney Crosby suffered groin injury in loss to Blue Jackets

These are the things you miss when radio/tv doesn't broadcast the game.

Apparently Crosby left the game in the first period after suffering a groin injury. 

Crosby said his groin had been bothering him for the past several days and continued to be tight during the pregame warmups. He took three shifts before removing himself from the game as a precaution.


It was a precautionary move, much like the one that sent Brent Johnson off the ice after the second period in Tuesday's game against the Leafs. 

If I'm not mistaken, Sid has taken time off with a similar injury in the past two preseasons.  I distinctly remember he had a similar issue two seasons ago when the team went through training camp exercises up in West Point, NY.  He'll likely resume skating on Saturday to test it out, but if I can just make a roster suggestion for Sunday's preseason game against the Red Wings - please sit it out.