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Lazy Sunday: Jarkko Ruutu vs Darcy Tucker

Before we get into what is by far one of my more favorite fights to come out of the past two seasons, let's first knock out some business.

  • El Sid is not playing in the final preseason game today against the Red Wings.  This, in case you didn't know, is a good thing.  He skated yesterday for the first time since leaving the ice on Thursday against the Blue Jackets and admitted he's feeling "better."  Interpret that as a good thing.  In any case, he has a few days to sit it out before the opener against the Rangers on Friday.  [Tribune-Review]
  • Speaking of today's game, we'll once again have an open thread tossed up here for your reading/interacting pleasure.  Feel free to shoot by and participate, as the game will be available on the NHL Network. 
  • Puck Daddy sits down to chat with Dan Bylsma.  Funny picture that must've slipped past me during all the Stanley Cup parade pics.  [Puck Daddy]
  • And holy crap this is funny.  I mean, as funny as a protest/riot march in Pittsburgh can get.  I seriously LOL'd for realsies with this video

Ok, take the jump for the fight and check back in on Pensburgh later for the thread.

From the 07-08 season, complete with punch counter.