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Lunch links: John Curry sent to WBS, video clips from last night's game, where to watch Pens games

Final preseason game last night means first preseason game this Friday.  Banner's going up, so this may be one to save on your DVR for a while. 

  • Before the game, Pittsburgh demoted John Curry to the WBS club.  I'm sure he's going to at least assume the backup role at some point during the season, given the injury history of both starters.  He looked pretty good during the preseason.  [EmptyNetters]
  • In case you missed the game, found yourself bouncing around a bit over the weekend or chose football over preseason hockey, here are a few clips, courtesy of GhostWalker40.  [Fanposts]
  • I've seen a lot of people in the past checking in here and wondering whether or not bars in a certain area would show a Pens game.  Thanks to the staff over at The Pens Blog, they are compiling a collection of places throughout the country that show Pens games.  Check it out and add to the collection if you know of any.  [tPB]
  • Early Sunday morning a reader sent in a pic of Brent Johnson's new goalie mask.  As a Led Zeppelin fan I gotta say, me likey.  [Fanshots]
  • And OldtimeHockey has his review of NHL10 up int he fanposts section.  Seeing as how I've only played one period from the demo I'll have to refrain from detailed commentary, but I know some of you lucky peeps haven't stopped playing it since the game hit stores.  Check out what OldTime has to say and chime in.  [Posts]