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Penguins sign Ryan Bayda to a one-year, two-way contract

Props to Geno the Great for posting this up earlier as a fanpost.

Ryan Bayda

#18 / Left Wing / Pittsburgh Penguins



Dec 09, 1980

Guess this settles it then - Ryan Bayda is on board as a Pittsburgh Penguin for the 09/10 season.  What started as a tryout developed into a full opportunity to try and help this team repeat for a Cup.  As far as fourth-line forwards go, Bayda is a solid pick.  He showed some grit and a lot of effort during the preseason so you can't say this guy didn't earn it.

As far as forwards go, you'd have to think Bayda was a front runner and possibly even obvious pick over the likes of Paul Bissonnette and Chris Conner.  NHL experience can really earn you that coveted spot, and Bayda is evidence of that.

Last week Hooks asked you guys who you felt had the best shot out of the three of making the team.  Bayda and Conner were the frontrunners, although Bayda stepped away with the lead (thanks to some special love from the Canes Country folk).

Happy with the signing?