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Pensburgh fantasy hockey invitational

It's slim pickins for news this morning so I figured I'd use this time to gauge the public interest in a Pensburgh sponsored Fantasy Hockey event. 

Last season we put together a 12-team league on Yahoo and will likely do the same thing this year.  Only Yahoo also has the option of making it 20 teams this season.  Or maybe they have offered that in past seasons but I never noticed.  Either way, if you're in the mood to take on the likes of Hooks (untested), Dunman (cake walk), Lavender (all talk) and myself (perennial fourth place finisher) then we'll send out some invites next week or so.  You may also appoint your own co-GM if you feel like the commitment is too much or you'd like to have a teammate of sorts.

If you wanna play drop a comment in this thread and we'll add you to the pool.  I don't know how many to expect, but if the league exceeds 20 I'll likely go to and have a program pick the remaining 16 slots.  Deal?

Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas, toss them into the comments.

Edit: I don’t think I’ll be turning anyone down. But if the people interested in playing gets to a point where it’s more than available in Pensburgh Hockey League A, I’ll make a League B and keep it going there. Maybe treat it like an East vs. West kinda deal.  Either way, if you see a lot of names in the comments don't be discouraged.  There's always room for more.