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Saturday links: Penguins visit White House, Gonchar/Letang contracts, Ovechkin > Malkin in fantasy hockey?

  • The Penguins are headed to the White  House to visit the president next Thursday.  The Steelers kick off the NFL that night at 8:30.  Here I was wondering if they'd get there before football season.  MdPensFan wants to know if you'll be in the area.   [Empty Netters]
  • Rumor suggests Kris Letang and Sergei Gonchar are trying to work out some contract deals with the Pens.  Tanger's allegedly looking for a 4-year, $16 mill deal ($4 mill per), while Sarge might be willing to take a paycut to stay in Pittsburgh.  [Lets Go Pens] via Faceoff Factor.
  • I might be shooting myself in the foot here in terms of strategy, why with all of this recent Fantasy Hockey talk going around, but so-called "experts" suggest that Alex Ovechkin is worth taking over Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.  Perhaps we have another debate on our hands, al beit one that is less relevant to, well, reality.  [
  • We didn't even need to wait till the preseason before Ray Emery started running his mouth.  Thankfully he knows better than to say anything about the Pens (give him time), but he didn't hesitate in trashing the Islanders and Marty Biron.  [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • There's a recent development that might very well make life in the NHL very hard on Canadian teams.  A recent proposal by the US Department of Transportation could make it impossible for Canadian charter planes to go from one US city to another.  I'm not joking.  They are allowed to make one stop before heading back to Canada.  Think about how hard that's going to be - as in impossible - for teams in Canada going on four or five-game road trips through a division.  You can't exactly charter a cesna from city to city for an entire team and staff.  [TSN]