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Questions before 2009-10 Part 1: The level of Great Expectations

Even though we're still celebrating the Stanley Cup that we seemingly won just the other day, training camps are almost back in session and everyone's chomping at the bit to get some hockey action. So every day this week, we'll look at a question that should worry us. Hey, the Pens might have won the Cup, but it's our job as fans to worry, right?

#1 How will that "Hangover" word and all the games played affect the Pens?

As noted, the Penguins have compiled a crapload of games over the past two seasons. Two straight Stanley Cup Final bids will do that. Will all the miles on the boys add up and catch up to them this year? When you're on the top of the mountain, there's only one way to go.

The 14 other teams in the Eastern Conference will have Pittsburgh again in their targets. They're the champions and the two time EC champs. Quite simply, Pittsburgh will be the measuring stick by which every other team gives their maximum effort to see where they compare when the champs come in to town.

Which brings me to the question of the day: what would you consider a successful season for the 2009-10 Pittsburgh Penguins? Obviously with all the achievements in the past the team has championship potential. But can they fall short and we still be satisfied? I don't think it has to be Stanley Cup or bust -- the core of this team is young and under contract for years to come. Everyone wants another Cup, but we all know it takes a magical mix of luck, skill and health that doesn't happen every year.