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UPDATED: NHL investigating FSN Pittsburgh for withholding tape of Flyers' goal, network suspends staff member, son of former Penguin Lowell MacDonald


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Update [6:11pm] - The Post-Gazette's Shelly Anderson reports that FSN Pittsburgh has suspended a staff member responsible for not sending the video replay along to the NHL.  To make matters worse, and only further strengthen conspiracy theories, the man suspended is the son of former Penguin Lowell MacDonald (1970-78).

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Remember when Simon Gagne put a shot on net against the Penguins last Thursday night and we all more or less agreed it looked like a goal?  Well, we weren't the only ones, outside of Flyers fans of course.

The league is investigating why we didn't get all angles of the replay," Meagher said.

Meagher said FSN should have sent all of the replays, and that it does not have the right to pick and choose which replays it sends.

"You can't have that happen," he said. "The league is concerned and it is being addressed."

The NHL is apparantly investigating FSN Pittsburgh for having potentially withheld tape during the replay portion of the game.  As you may recall, the ruling on the ice was a no-goal.  After a video review in which it seemed like the refs had inconclusive evidence that it would remain a no-goal, FSN Pittsburgh showed an angle of the goal that more or less concluded that it was in the net. 

In the end it might not matter much because the Flyers still won the game 7-4, although one could argue that Simon Gagne was robbed of his 500th career point (he'd later pick it up on home ice Saturday night).   But for posterity's sake, more so since no one wants to give Flyers fans more reason to believe in any sort of conspiracy theories, I really hope this doesn't turn out to be a bigger deal than it should be. 

This is going to get weird.  Especially given the fact that one of the FSN Pitt announcers (can't remember which one and don't want to single out one over the other) said, "We saved that one!" when the FSN-Pittsburgh angle was shown after the ruling.  Simon Gagne has also gone on record as saying the network should be "fined heavily."

As you can imagine, Broad Street Hockey is all over this as well both here and here.

Video of the goal/no-goal call after the jump. 

UPDATE: Includes FSN clip and the clip

UPDATE: Here's the FSN clip:



And here's the other one: