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Wednesday links: When the Pens go to Western Canada it's all Crosby all the time


(Pic at courtesy of

For only the second time in his going on five year NHL career, Sidney Crosby and the Pens are coming to Western Canada.  And people are excited:

Pumped for the Pens [Calgary Sun]

Flames fired up to face Champs [Canadian Press]

Crosby's star keeps shining brighter [National Post]

Offering the west a glimpse [National Post]

Penguins site recaps yesterday's presser []

Keeping a low profile [Winnipeg Free Press]

The highlight of tonight's games []

Crosby remains #1 in the league in clutch scoring [The Hockey News]

Crosby on pace to score 50 goals [TSN]

If you've got Twitter, why not throw out a guess on this contest?  Also be sure to follow @Pensburgh and @Hooks_Orpik! [The Pensblog]

Replay-gate continues to hang around. [CBC -- Friedman]

USA's David Backes seems to be fighting Team Canada one player at a time. [The Common Room]

Matt Bradley steps in for Alex Ovechkin in a fight against Steve Downie.  Everyone seems to be cool with this, but I could only imagine if you changed the first name to Mike Rupp and the second name to Sidney Crosby there'd be a lot of heckling why someone can't/won't be allowed to fight their own battles. [Puck Daddy]

Shooting down dumb trade rumors. [Spectors Hockey]