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Ben Lovejoy and Luca Caputi sent back down to WBS, Brent Johnson practices

The Pens reassigned both Ben Lovejoy and Luca Caputi to WBS today. 

Last week Hooks asked us, "Is Ben Lovejoy here to stay?"  While he definitely laid out solid points as to why the Pens might keep a guy like Lovejoy on board, the real clincher came with the realization that this decision was up to GM Ray Shero and HC Dan Bylsma to decide.  This may ultimately have more to do with the possibility that Brooks Orpik is hoping to return to the lineup tomorrow night.  I don't think this is the last we'll see of Lovejoy.

As for Caputi, there was some speculation around these parts that he somehow found himself in the coach's doghouse.  How he got there and why he stayed there is the real question, if it happened at all.  Caputi looked like he was ready to fire out of the gate his first two games with the Pens.  Then it was almost like his drive sort of tapered off a bit.  Sure, maybe he was nursing an injury of sorts, but Dan Bylsma started by cutting his ice time and then ultimately scratching him from the lineup.  If anyone knows what's up with Caputi it would be Bylsma.  He coached the kid last year and probably has a better understanding of what keeps the kid ticking.

And finally, on a more positive note, Brent Johnson practiced with the Pens today and will most likely get the start tomorrow night against the Islanders.  According to the Trib-Review, Marc-Andre Fleury did not practice today and remains out with a broken finger.