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Goalies, goalies, goalies

Ok, so Motley Crue's line was better, but for the Penguins, again there could be any of the top 4 goalies in the lineup this week.  Here's an update on the netminders (compiled from various website, radio shows and word of mouth):

Marc-Andre Fleury:  Skated on Monday before practice but wore a skaters glove instead of his goalie glove.  Don't expect to see Fleury back for this week at least, as that broken finger continues to mend.

Brent Johnson: Practiced yesterday, but hasn't been at it for long.  He could be playing soon, but rushing a goalie with a groin injury (especially a guy like Johnson who's prone to injuries) is not a great idea.  Could serve as backup as soon as tonight, but could he start tonight or Thursday on such little recovery time?

John Curry:  The only sure thing right now: John Curry will have a jersey tonight.  He's anxious to get back out there after his .643 save percentage and bring that 12.25 season GAA down a little bit.  For his sake, I'd hope he gets the chance.  Curry may not be a franchise goalie, but he's better than the night he had Saturday and deserves a chance to bounce back.

Brad Thiessen:  Now that the Pens are back in PA, expect them to call up Thiessen to sit on the end of the bench if Johnson isn't fit to at least serve as the backup for the first time in the NHL.  If this story is sounding like Alexander Pechurskiy well, it stops there.  Thiessen is 23 years old and in the Penguins farm system, and he was also a member of the "black ace" practice squad last spring, so his teammates would be able to pick him out of police lineup before the game.

Most likely scenario at this point is Curry starts and Johnson backs him up, but it's totally possible the Pens have to place a call to bring up Thiessen for the day.

Also on injury news, expect defenseman Brooks Orpik (out last four games with a leg injury) to return tonight.  So other than the goalies, Chris Kunitz (hernia surgery, out until likely after the Olympic break) is the only other injured player right now.