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Tuesday links: Mario's heart, hit leaders, Johnson tonight?

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In what remains to be seen if it's a good idea: Brent Johnson is expected to start tonight in goal. [Post-Gazette]

Mario Lemieux opens up in an interview about his atrial fibrillation condition. [Readers Digest - Canada]

Concern or optimism for where the Pens stand now?  Pencil me in for optimism, pending the holding pattern of concer for as long as Marc-Andre Fleury is injured. [Faceoff Factor]

Non-news for Pens fans but still interesting: Brooks Orpik and Chris Kunitz dish out more hits than they take. [Behind the Net]

Assistant coach Mike Yeo is back and his health is better.  Hopefully the Pens PP is next to recover. [Tribune Review]

We've all seen some goals, but I've never seen a professional team look this bad. [Kuklas Korner]

Mirtle's playoff push is back, and the Pens are in pretty good shape, needing only to go 14-18-0 to basically be guaranteed a playoff berth. [The Globe and Mail]

Combining "24" and the NHL. [The Hockey News]

Vincent Lecavalier trade rumors just refuse to die. [Puck Daddy]