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Andy Sutton suspended two games without pay for Pascal Dupuis hit

The league has spoken:  

New York Islanders defenseman Andy Sutton has been suspended for two games, without pay, for an incident in NHL game #738 against Pittsburgh Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis, Tuesday night, the National Hockey League announced today.

Sutton's expected to forfeit $31, 088.08.

The majority of votes here on Pensburgh suggested Sutton should be suspended as well.

I'm not entirely surprised and I'm sure Sutton isn't either.  It was an unfortunate incident that, regardless of intent or not, resulted in a player being injured.  Still no word on the official prognosis for Pascal Dupuis, but if the video stands as any evidence to the damage then I'm sure he'll miss a few games.

Do you think the NHL was right and fair in its ruling?