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Up next: Jeff Carter, Mike Richards and the Philadelphia Flyers

[SBN Flyers blog - Broad Street Hockey]

RECORD: 26-21-3

SCORERS: Jeff Carter (21g, 24a), Mike Richards (20g, 21a), Chris Pronger (8g, 29a)

It's a 12:30 start today on NBC, so I'll try and keep this short.

Not only did the Flyers smack around the Hurricanes on home ice yesterday, but they also extended their home-ice win streak to six straight.  Philly doesn't hit the road again until February, so a win today would be a nice blip in that streak.  If not, I fear games against the Thrashers and Islanders may allow the Flyers to close out the month on an exceptionally high note.

Of course, it always seems like the Penguins play subpar hockey during afternoon games.  This season the Pens have only played two games before 7pm, at 3:00 and 5:00 during their swing through Florida earlier this month, and took a loss in each outing.  Last season's afternoon record, as in games before 7pm,  was 6-10-1 (minus the 2:30pm start in Stockholm which was technically not an afternoon start).  Three of those were against the Flyers, in which Philly edged them out slightly with a 2-1 record. 

Daniel Carcillo made himself public enemy #1 in New York City this past week, an issue I touched upon briefly Friday afternoon.  It is for this reason alone (and Riley Cote of course) that I feel Eric Godard will get more than his usual 90 seconds of ice time today.  He may in fact get closer to three minutes if needed.  One thing's for sure: Sid and Geno have to keep their heads up and not allow Carcillo to take them off the ice on his way to the box.  Emotional as they may be in certain situations, Carcillo in the box hurts the Flyers far less than Crosby in the box hurts the Penguins.

Here's some additional info yo may want to know heading into today's game. 

  • Ray Emery is back and has won three of his last four since returning.  
  • Jeff Carter has five goals over the last four games
  • Mike Richards has only one goal in his last seven games (but had one goal in each of the three games prior)
  • Chris Pronger is on a four game point streak