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Tales of the Tape: Kris Letang vs. Darroll Powe

This one was quick and NBC's bang-up camera work made it even quicker. After Darroll Powe got a heavy hit on Alex Goligoski then another smack on Bill Guerin, Kris Letang had standsed all that he could stands and couldn't stands no more.

Now the first thing you might notice is that when the whistle blows and the commentators mention that a fight is going, the camera zooms in on the last player to touch the puck. By the time they get around to the fight, it is a Letang slam away from ending. The replay, showing the Goligoski hit, is shown from a far angle, zooming in to the fight itself at around the exact same point. WTF, NBC?

From what I could see, Powe got some shots in before Letang answered back, then slammed him to the ice and continued hitting (uncool). Over time, I've lessened my scoring emphasis on the take-down, so I'm calling this one a draw. I could definitely see it going to Letang, though.

Tonight the Pens take on the Rangers, home of professional goon Donald Brashear. You might recall that both the Rangers and the Penguinskicked off their fighting seasons with a brawl between Brashear and Eric Godard. You know, back when Godard actually fought.