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Evgeni Malkin taking Florida loss personal

Some of the comments here on Pensburgh surrounding yesterday's loss are mainly focused on Evgeni Malkin.  Sure, dropping five in a row isn't exactly ideal for the team, but speculative comments regarding Malkin's health, focus and the like seem to be the main topic of discussion.

For what it's worth, Malkin is taking the blame for yesterday's loss.  According to the Tribune-Review:

"It was my fault.  My game is not good.  I don't know why."

Evgeni Malkin

As much as you'd love to find one person to blame in instances like this, you really can't.  From where I sit, I really think the main story of last night's loss is rooted in defensive lapses rather than offensive struggles.  However, you may recall Malkin was on the bad end of one of those lapses when he turned the puck over in Pittsburgh's zone and Radek Dvorak converted it into a goal.  So I can kinda see where he feels as if this one is his fault, but I still standby the notion that he can make up for those little mistakes with a goal or two of his own.  Unfortunately that was not the case last night either.

I'm finding it difficult to really pinpoint the faulty areas on this team, which is why I just say "defensive lapses."  But is defense really the problem?  Is this the area the Pens should consider focusing on as we quickly approach the trade deadline?