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Chris Kunitz out 4-6 weeks, Penguins call up Luca Caputi

Chris Kunitz is expected out of the Penguins lineup for the next 4-6 weeks after suffering an abdominal tear. 

According to GM Ray Shero, this is something that has lingered for a while:

“Chris has played with this injury for an extended period of time and although it is always difficult to lose a very talented player, we all believe this is the best decision for him.  We are confident that he will come back strong after this surgery. In the meantime, we’ll look to our other forwards to step up in his absence.”

In an effort to fill the roster, the Penguins have recalled prospect Luca Caputi.  More on him after the jump.

Luca Caputi is the sort of name you've seen thrown around the Penguins roster for the past two seasons.  Whenever everyone went down on the NHL roster it was often paired with a "Call up Caputi" rally.  Well, last season it was also Janne Pesonen.  This season, Eric Tangradi.

But here we are with a new guy to welcome aboard, and one who may add a little energy to the wings.  From what I've read and what little I've seen, Caputi is the sort of forward who likes to chip away in front of the goal and score some dirty goals.  He is currently ranked third on the WBS Pens with 26 points, but his 13 goals lead the team.  And hey, he's also received a ton of times on the WBS PP that has been pretty effective as of late, according to the official release on the Penguins' site:

He has been able to produce when the Baby Penguins head to the power play, as he leads the squad with seven man-advantage scores, and if he could supply the big team with help in this area.

I guess this is where the speculation begins.  Where do you put Caputi?  Who do you pair him with?