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Sergei Gonchar expected back in lineup tonight against Flyers

The Penguins expect Sergei Gonchar back on the blue line tonight to hopefully add a little more punch to the Penguins' otherwise lackluster power play.  As the Trib-Review points out today, the Penguins were held scoreless in 13 straight power play attempts right up until Ruslan Fedotenko slammed one home Tuesday night against the Thrashers.  So here's to hoping Gonchar's return will spark another PP goal, although he's registered only one power-play goal all season (way back on October 10 against Toronto).

Of course, the downside of this same announcement also suggests that the Pens may be without Fedotenko, who crashed into the net the other night and looked slow to get up.  Tenk said he's "fine," but after missing practice yesterday morning I guess he'll remain in question until game time.  Same goes for Max Talbot, who was a scratch against the Thrashers and also missed yesterday's practice.

The question surrounding Talbot's status only further suggests that he may be working through an injury.  Perhaps shoulder related?