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Tales of the Tape: Mike Comrie vs. Maxim Lapierre 10/9/10

Here we are - another season, more fights to be waged, more Tales of the Tape! The first game of the season waged no fights, despite being against the dreaded Flyers, but our Pens did not disappoint in the second! Dropping the gloves were Mike Comrie for the Penguins and Maxim Lapierre of the Canadiens. Welcome to the Pens, Comrie!

(Video courtesy of

Well, okay, maybe the Penguins did disappoint.

Lapierre smacked Kris Letang hard against the boards, and Comrie was ready and willing to drop the gloves to stick up for him. Unfortunately, that's about as far as it got, as both men simply spun around a bit tossing shots that either didn't connect hard or didn't connect at all. After a questionable camera switch to Mike Rupp (which made me assume the game was being aired on NBC), Comrie apparently got bored of the non-fight and fell to the ice, pulling Lapierre down with him. This one would be a draw.

For those of you not familiar with this Pensburgh feature, after providing video of the fight and giving my opinion on it, I offer a poll to you, the eager community to weigh in and prove me wrong. So, people...who won the fight?