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Tales of the Tape: Deryk Engelland vs. Colton Orr: 10/13/10

It's not a lot of fun when the Penguins take a loss. Maybe I can help cheer you up with my friends Deryk Engelland and Colton Orr.

Colton Orr vs Deryk Engelland Oct 13, 2010 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)

A smack against the boards led to Engelland and Orr dropping the gloves for a tussle. This started out looking like a disappointing experience for the Penguins-affiliated fight watcher, but then it happened. Engelland had a number of shots connected unto his head, and even had his helmet knocked off. But he was merely charging up his attack. After all, Guile needed two seconds before unleashing the Sonic Boom. So too did Engelland, who connected a fist to Orr's face that sent him down to the ice. And with that, the Penguins get their first fight win of the season. Well done!

And to make things better, the video provided gives a slow motion shot of the KO blow. Someone needs to make me an animated GIF of that, stat!