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Blue jersey mania

Pens fans love to talk blue jerseys and the team announced when they're wearing their alternate jerseys.  The fimiliar 2008 Winter Classic jersey (seen above) will be worn Friday.

Commonly considered to be a "jinx", but do the Pens need to go back to their roots for their original color to get that first win in the new building?  Couldn't hurt to try, right?

The new Winter Classic jersey hasn't been officially released, but Icethetic has their take on it, one that the boys at The Pensblog have agreed is probably close to what we'll see for the Heinz Field game.


Love it?  Hate it?

Personally I wish they went the old "Snoop Dogg" mid-1990s black jersey with the diagonal PITTSBURGH down the front and some yellow trim.

But remember, Washington is wearing some like old school '70s jerseys (below), so it would seem weird if the two eras didn't match up in terms of what they got on 1/1.


After the jump, the list of when you'll see Pittsburgh in blue this season.

From the team site:




Oct. 15

Oct. 30 at Carolina Third
Nov. 17 VANCOUVER Third
Nov. 27 CALGARY Third
Dec. 6 NEW JERSEY Third
Dec. 26 at Ottawa Third
Jan. 1 WASHINGTON Winter Classic
Jan. 8 MINNESOTA Third
Jan. 22 CAROLINA Third
Feb. 10 LOS ANGELES Winter Classic
Feb. 23 SAN JOSE Third
March 12 MONTREAL Winter Classic
March 27 FLORIDA Third


Interesting they'll be in blue twice on the road...Has this happened with the most recent run (post 2008?)  Can't recall that happening.