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Your Vote: Kris Letang's Hit on Blake Comeau

More guys in Kris Letang's position would've lowered the shoulder and delivered a harder hit. Minus Academy Award-like acting skills on behalf of Blake Comeau, this is far from being a head shot. If it isn't obvious enough from the video after the jump, Letang gives off a hint of hesitation before making contact with Comeau and missing his head completely.

Would I be far-fetched in saying it even looks like he holds back a bit in the actual hit and that it was more of a collision than an actual check?

Regardless, what's done is done. There's no denying Comeau did a good job of selling the "hit" but there is a big question as to why Josh Bailey was able to jump Letang from behind and only receive a two-minute roughing call while Letang was sent to the dressing room with a game misconduct.

In a sad way, that's hockey.

But if Tanger gets a suspension or fine for this it's going to require a big explanation.