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Zbynek Michalek and Arron Asham Progressing

The good news to come out of Pittsburgh camp today is that Zbynek Michalek is recovering faster than expected from the upper-body injury he suffered back on October 11 against the Devils.  Initially it was said that he would be out of the lineup for two to four weeks, but it's looking more like two than four at this point.  Time table or not, in the hockey world I'd say that's a good sign. 

It may seem a bit picky to wish for his hasty return given how well the defense played Saturday night against the Blues, but perhaps the best thing for both the team and Michalek is to make sure he doesn't rush back.

With that said, trust me when I say I'd rather he not sit out much longer.  Just when the team was really starting to find its stride, guys started to go down left and right.  Brooks Orpik and Z were two of the defensive casualties, but let's not forget Arron Asham as well, who has yet to even suit up for a regular season game for the Pens.  News of his progress remains day to day, but Bylsma hinted in today's Trib-Review that there's a possibility he could play Wednesday night against the Lightning.

It'd be nice to finally see the team GM Ray Shero assembled during the offseason finally take to the ice together.  In the mean time, you can hardly argue with the results of the past few games.

Update: As you can see in the fanshot below this post, the recent move by the Penguins' front office to send Andrew Hutchinson and Eric Tangradi back down to Wilkes-Barre would suggest room is being made for Michalek and/or Asham to return Wednesday night.