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Variety of Pens highlighted by USA Today

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Sure the season is young, but some Pens are receiving some love from the USA Today's panel of super early returns for awards.  The team comes in third in the power rankings, with Brent Johnson coming in third in best goalie and Mark Letestu ranked as the top rookie so far.  A host of blueliners: Kris Letang (2nd), Alex Goligoski (6th), Paul Martin (8th) show up in best defensemen.  Sidney Crosby also makes their list for MVP, finishing 3rd.

Yep, USA Today says only some guy named Lidstrom has been a better defenseman than Letang this year.  Sure, they're probably mainly going off the stat sheet (Letang is 2nd in NHL defenseman in points, and 3rd in plus/minus), but it's nice to see all three of the main heavy lifters on defense get a little bit of recognition.