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Penguins vs. Red Wings [Open Thread]

Wings Blog - Winging it in Motown

At long last we have arrived at the final game of the preseason.  A few injuries along the way to Arron Asham, Sidney Crosby and Brooks Orpik have led many to raise eyebrows of concern heading into Thursday's home and season opener against the Flyers, but Dan Bylsma has continued to suggest over the past few days that he's confident both Sid and Brooks will be ready to go by then.  Asham, although not entirely ruled out, is still being evaluated.  I suppose "day-to-day" is the best way to categorize that one for now.

With that said, tonight's game will likely appear similar to the one against the Blackhawks on Friday night, whereby a good number of the big names sat out in an effort to heal up or avoid injury.  We'll most likely see a similar approach to tonight's game against the Wings.

Haven't come across a full lineup for the game just yet, but if anything crosses my path between now and the puck drop I'll be sure to toss it up.  Pretty confident Marc-Andre Fleury will be the starter tonight, as it was hinted in an earlier report on the Penguins' site this week.