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Welcome to the First Day of the Season

Good morning, and welcome to hockey season.

Today at 7 ET the Penguins and Flyers open up the first game at Consol Energy Center in front of yet another sold-out Pittsburgh crowd. That's 18,087 seats packed with Penguins fans, in case you were wondering. Maybe a few less for the brave Flyers fans in attendence, but the numbers are still in Pittsburgh's favor.

Finally, the day we've waited for since that Game 7 loss against the Montreal Canadiens last season. Time for the Pens to reset the odometer, get back into action and make another run for a Cup.

As usual we will have an open thread on tap for tonight's game, so if you came on board during the offseason or are relatively new to the site, make sure you stop by and chat it up with us for a bit. We're a friendly bunch, sometimes over the top, but always rooting for the Pens.

A few reminders too that Pensburgh is available on your mobile device, as well as twitter and Facebook. In fact, we're having a bit of a contest with the other hockey blogs to see who can get the most followers on Facebook by the end of the 2010. If you haven't "liked" Pensburgh by now, please do so.

Feel free to use this as your "OMGZ it's finally here" comments. In fact, you can say that anywhere in any post today. I won't judge. I feel the same way.

Until tonight (and the various posts throughout the day), count down the minutes my friends.