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PensBurgh on Extra Attacker

Even this guy can be a star in Extra Attacker.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Even this guy can be a star in Extra Attacker. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Getty Images

A couple friends of mine and I have been having fun the last two seasons with the Extra Attacker game on the Penguins website.  The concept is pretty simple as fantasy-type leagues go:  for every point a player scores and for every plus or minus they get, it is multiplied by a multiplier that is related to the player's production level.  For example, since Eric Godard isn't exactly expected to fill the net, he gets a x12 multiplier.  If he gets an assist and is a +1 in tonight's game, he will be worth 24 points in that game.

I've taken the liberty of making a PensBurgh league on the Extra Attacker website.  The information they've asked me to give anyone interested in joining is as follows:

Name:  PensBurgh

ID:  1599

Password:  frankrules

I don't have any specific plans for the league other than just to have some fun and for bragging rights, but it's possible I could be persuaded to do something for the overall winner at the end of the season.  Keep in mind, too, that weekly winners and the overall season winner get actual prizes from the Penguins.  Usually it's tickets or an autographed stick or something.  This week, it's a Bronze Inaugural Game Ticket from Wendell August Forge and the game program.  The season winner is usually cash money, always helpful especially to the perpetually-broke young folks we have on the site.

Go ahead and comment if you join the league.  My team is "The Doormats".