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Marc-Andre Fleury's Blog: On Consol Energy Center and Zbynek Michalek

As promised, Becky has come through uber fast on a timely Marc-Andre Fleury blog leading into tonight's game.  For some reason this one wouldn't come up in the Google Translate document, so you'll just have to bare with the little bit that is included after the jump.

In the post, MAF talks about transferring things over to the new arena and how confident he feels having Zbynek Michalek playing in front of him on defense (but also admits to missing Sergei Gonchar a bit).

Specials thanks again and always to Becky for the translation. 

Take the jump for MAF's blog.

In just hours, we will inaugurate the Consol Energy Center, our new home. Even though I adored the old Igloo, I really cannot wait to play our first true game in the new arena.

We open our season Thursday with a visit from our eternal rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Consol Energy Center looks like a 21st century arena. The dressing room is much more luxurious, the weight room is impeccable, and I love the quality of the ice.

There are also some major differences with Mellon: I haven't yet seen any rats and water doesn't drip from the ceiling.


I knew Michalek a bit better, because I've trained with him in Montreal the last three years. We have the same agent, Allan Walsh.

Michalek is exactly the type of defenseman that I adore. He has no fear of taking some bruises in blocking shots, and he clears the puck well out of his end. He doesn't do anything spectacular, but he never cheats.

Obviously, the departure of Sergei Gonchar saddened me. I played with Sergei from my very first day with the Penguins. To me, he is still one of the best defensemen on the power play. Unfortunately, the Penguins were not able to come to an agreement with him.

Shero has, however, done a good job replacing him with the two defensemen.

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