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Thoughts and Notes Leading Up to the Hurricanes

  • Jordan Staal seen skating this morning.  This is a good thing.  I highly doubt he'd be ready to go tonight against the Hurricanes but the dude's warriordom (it's early-ish and I feel like making up words) never fails to amaze me.
  • Even when the Penguins aren't playing the Flyers, Philly is reminded of Sid.  Final score in last night's Tampa win?  8-7.  The stat sheet looks like a roll call.  Steve Stamkos: 3 goals, 1 assist.  Both teams played both goaltenders too.  Crazy game.
  • I spent about two hours reading like a madman last night, mainly through the Sports Illustrated Vault, by far one of my favorite places to turn to on the Internet.  Take a trip back to 1984 (based on the Pensburgh Age Survey, before a number of readers were born) to read "The Pitiful Penguins Land a Rare Bird," a great feature on this guy named Mario Lemieux.
  • And then laugh at this one...
  • The Hurricanes destroyed the Senators earlier this week by the final of 7-1.  Cause for concern?  Meh, Pens beat em 3-0 last time.  I'm not predicting another shutout by any means, but I think the Pens have a slight edge in that department.