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Max Talbot Blog: On the Power of the Stache

We've often joked that Max Talbot's Fu Manchu stache mysteriously raised his level of play, but now even the man himself is acknowledging the power of the Fu in his latest blog on RDS.  As always Becky has provided a translation after the jump, but if you'd like to read more from Max regarding the Steelers releasing Jeff Reed, charity work in Haiti and how quickly things have turned around on the ice for the Pens, be sure to click the Google Translate link at the end of the brief clip. 

Also check out PensAreYourDaddy's pics of Talbot here.

Read more after the jump, and Fear the Fu.

You might have noticed that I have gone back to wearing a Fu Manchu-style mustache, and it seems that people really like to talk about my mustache.

I find it funny to talk about this subject, but still it is special because it seems to transform me; I play better each time that I sport this very ugly mustache…

Before making this stylistic decision, I told myself that I needed to return to the basis of my game to regain my confidence, and maybe the mustache is part of that.

You know, hockey remains a very mental sport, so I’m up for anything in terms of my look. I am even ready to make myself ugly, if that’s what it takes to be better on the ice and to help my team.

My appearance means little to me and I wouldn’t go so far as to say that my mustache is better-looking than that of certain other players in the NHL. After all, what matters is what happens on the ice.

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(English Translation on Google Translate)