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Tyler Kennedy Likes Playing the Senators

Tyler Kennedy may not be the sort of guy who will fall into the Top 5 scorers on a team, or maybe even the Top 10, but you need a guy like him on every NHL team.  He's the sort of guy who gives an industrious effort game in and game out and plays with a style that doesn't always register on the stat sheet.

Unless of course, he's playing the Ottawa Senators.

In 10 career games against the Senators, TK has scored seven goals.  While that may look like he's nearly on pace for a goal-per-game against them, let's also remember that two of his four career two-goal games came against Ottawa as well.  Even still, it's no secret that he's love to play against the Sens.

In only one previous meeting this season on October 18th, Kennedy put in a scoreless, five-shot effort against the Sens in what turned out to be a 5-2 Penguins win.

Interestingly enough, when Kennedy plays the Senators it would appear you're either going to see a goal or nothing at all.  He's yet to record an assist against the Sens in his career, but if he'd rather notch a few goals I'm sure no one is going to stop him.

Does this mean you Extra Attacker players should consider shifting up the roster?

You decide.